Reusable sandwich wrapper that helps you go green

Roll’eat has created a smart, environmentally friendly alternative to disposable plastic wrap, the sandwich wrapper. By using Boc’n’Roll, you avoid creating unnecessary waste that ends up in landfills and harms the planet. The amount of food wrapping generated on a daily basis is overwhelming. Our ecofriendly sandwich wrapper help you make more sustainable choices and reduce waste with every meal.

sandwich wrapper
Reusable sandwich wrapper

Roll n Wrap: Every small change can make a big difference

The global focus on reducing the amount of household waste is a priority. Imagine how much trash we will eliminate if everyone used a Boc’n’Roll.

Forget about using cling film as a daily sandwich wrap. Instead, swap it for a reusable sandwich wrapper that’s zero waste. By using Boc’n’Roll, you help create a more sustainable future effect on the planet.