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At Roll’eat we design smart food packaging that can be used again and again. Manufactured from durable and washable fabric, they are easy to clean and reuse. But what really makes us different is not the products we offer, but the reasons why our products exist – to protect both the planet and our health!

Protecting the planet
with style!

It’s simple. The more you use Roll’eat products, the less waste you generate. Our reusable products promote their values and their message clearly, being also a fun way for children to carry packed lunches made at home.

Not only do our zero waste products protect the planet, but our trendy designs means you can eat in style.

“I am delighted with this product. It wraps sandwiches better than aluminium foil or cling film and because the bags are laminated inside, they protect my sandwiches better as well.

You can wash the outside (I recommend using a neutral detergent). After a handwashing it dries fast just under the sun. Also, the print is very beautiful. You can also use it as a placemat. Great sustainable alternative. I give it a 10/10!”

A fantastic product: Bye Bye to cling film!

“I was given Roll’eat sandwich bags as a birthday gift. I love that they are an alternative product to plastic. I have three of these sandwich wrappers and don’t even know how to describe how great they are.

They can be cleaned in the washing machine with the rest of the laundry, dry quickly (I haven’t tried in a dryer yet), wrap the sandwich perfectly, adapt to size … and pretty.

I would recommend to anyone that takes a packed lunch to invest in a Roll’eat sandwich wrapper and avoid throw-away wraps.”

Great design. Perfect choice

“An ecological and fun way to carry your sandwich. My kids pack their lunch themselves because they love using it, and it’s also showing them how to be sustainable. It’s great and I highly recommend it.

We have one for each member of the family. It has been a long time without buying any aluminum foil, self-closing bags, cling film, or any disposable wrap that could harm the Mother Nature. Highly recommended. ”

Perfect for the whole family

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